Legge & Legge has acted as advocates in all levels of Ontario Court and as mediators and drafters of domestic and family agreements. Our staff works closely, when and where appropriate, with professionals who can aid a swift resolution of a family dispute and reduce, where possible, personal trauma that may arise. Such experts include accountants, financial advisers, family therapists and psychologists.

The services we provide in family law include: access, alternative dispute resolution, child protection, child support, custody, divorce, domestic contracts, matrimonial property, and spousal support. Below is an outline of a number of these services. To find a lawyer for a family law issue, you can read about our lawyers here. 


Beyond advising and acting when appropriate for clients in alternative dispute resolution forums such as at mediation, negotiation or arbitration, lawyers at Legge & Legge also encourage and facilitate agreement between parties and help the participants to come to an agreed settlement on issues arising in a family law context. In such circumstances, Legge & Legge will not and cannot act for either party as advocate. If you are looking for alawyer with experience in this area, you can read about our lawyers here.


Domestic contracts allow clients to choose their own resolution to potential disputes and reduce conflict. Whether the contracts are devised at the commencement of marriage or cohabitation, or are drafted in response to a relationship breakdown, we provide our clients with legal advice, drafting knowledge, and advocacy when forming and reviewing contracts that impact our clients and their families.


Legge & Legge provides services to protect, recover and otherwise assist clients in the administration of their family property. Our firm acts to recover interests in family property through constructive trusts, by advising clients on the significance of a matrimonial home, negotiation and mediation, and if necessary by seeking court orders or injunctions to protect this important asset. When appropriate, we may also act as the real estate lawyer on the sale of the property.