At Legge & Legge, we provide a wide range of litigation and alternative dispute resolution services at all levels of Ontario and Federal Court including the Supreme Court of Canada.

The litigation group brings with it a diverse background in legal scholarship and experience. Our clients have included large and small corporations, representative plaintiffs in provincial and national class actions, and individual plaintiffs and defendants. Our lawyers have represented clients in matters including: professional negligence, medical malpractice, extra-jurisdictional disputes, admiralty, and contract and employment disputes. The lawyers of Legge & Legge discuss with their clients the possible outcomes and risks of beginning or continuing with litigation and canvass possible alternatives at each stage.

Our litigation services include: ADR/arbitration, appellate litigation, class actions, corporate governance & securities litigation, franchise litigation, libel & slander, pension litigation, personal injury, product liability, professional negligence, public law & constitutional litigation, and estate and trust litigation. A number of these services are described below. To find a lawyer for a litigation matter, you can read more about our lawyers and their relevant experience here.


Please refer to our Alternative Dispute Resolution section and our Family Law section.


Legge & Legge's litigation group can provide appeal representation to its clients. Our lawyers have successfully acted for clients at the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Federal Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.


Litigating class actions in Ontario involve complex rules, legislation and administrative handling. Legge & Legge lawyers have experience in successfully navigating the complex rules and administrative burdens of pursuing claims for class action claimants.


When serious injuries occur that were caused or in part caused by the actions or omissions of another, the injured party should seek immediate legal advice. The litigation lawyers of Legge & Legge are well versed in the limitation periods that may otherwise prohibit a plaintiff from pursuing an otherwise valid legal remedy. Our lawyers discuss with the clients the strengths and weaknesses of their particular case and advise on how to proceed if the client and lawyer believe that it would be advisable to do so.