The Legge & Legge real estate section manages real estate matters from commercial leases, to co-op share transfers, residential mortgages, and cottage conveyancing. Our real estate services include: commercial real estate, mortgages and charges on real property, residential real estate, and title searching. Below is a brief description of some of these services. To find a specific lawyer to contact regarding a real estate matter, please visit our lawyers page here. To find a member of our staff in the real estate section, please visit our staff page here. If you would like to inquire about our fees for real estate matters, please contact us.


Our real estate section acts for commercial purchasers, sellers, landlords, and tenants ranging from small storefronts to large malls. We are able to prepare, register, and review such documents as leases, agreements of purchase and sale, and mortgages.


For clients who wish to buy, sell, or mortgage a home, Legge & Legge facilitates the transaction. Our real estate section manages many different residential matters, from helping first time home-owners to providing advice for clients wishing to sell a cottage or lease a home.