Estate Planning and Administration

Legge & Legge has one of the largest repositories of wills and trusts maintained by a small firm in Ontario. Our lawyers and staff provide estate planning and services to clients who wish to have a will, trust or powers of attorney drafted or revised. We also act in the area of estate administration as estate solicitors and estate trustees.

Some of the specific services we provide include: estate administration, incapacity and elder law, trust and estate planning, and will and power of attorney drafting. Outlined below are some of these services. Our primary estates lawyers are Mary Stokes, Christine Davidson and Elizabeth Legge. 


Legge & Legge has administered estates in Ontario for over forty years. We work closely with our clients and other professionals, including accountants, financial advisors, and bankers, to wind up estates smoothly and expeditiously, and to convert these into on-going testamentary trusts where the will so stipulates.

Executors, Trustees, Attorneys and Guardians

John Legge and Mary Stokes are experienced in acting as Executors, Trustees, Attorneys under powers of attorney and Guardians under orders of guardianship for individuals who do not have appropriate family members or others to perform these functions.

ELDER LAW and Incapacity Administration

See Elder Law/Elder Care under Our Services

Wills, TRUSTs, POwers of Attorney

Estate planning involves discussing with our clients the impact that various alternatives will have on their estates when drafting a will, power of attorney or trust. Considerations include tax implications, domestic contracts, beneficiary designations, the role of the Office of the Children's Lawyer, the maintenance of children, the protection of beneficiaries with a current or potential disability, the requirements for bonds in cases of intestacy or out of jurisdiction trustees, and the possible consequences of family breakdown on the will, power of attorney, trust and eventual estate.

We believe professional estate planning and administration should be available regardless of means. Feel free to ask about fees.

Our lawyers and staff are happy to make house calls when necessary or requested.